Chorizo crumb 

A tasty crumb full of powerful flavour to enhance any dish.

Banoffee Pie (Deconstructed)

This is probably the most creative i have got in my career when it comes to desserts, no it is not a traditional banoffee pie but that is the whole point.

Cider Braised Pork Belly 

I briefly talked about the braised pork belly in my surf and turf article. I’ve cooked some more since then and this time remembered to take some photographs of the process.

Spring Crab Salad 

Pembrokeshire Crab / Watercress / Aspargus / Sauce Gribiche / Crab Mayonaisse / Fennel toast

BBQ pork shoulder 

6 hour braised pork / Cauliflower Purée / Apple purée / Pea Shoots / Crackling