Chef’s Best Friends 

I’ve been a chef for about 7 years and the most important things I’ve learnt have nothing all to do with food! Well they do but not directly.

  • Keep knives sharp
  • Spoons are amazing always have spoons at the ready
  • Squeezy bottles of hot purée under the lights
  • Wet towel for wiping your bench every 6.3 seconds
  • Lemons lemons lemons, you can’t cook fish without lemons
  • A bin tub. Probably the most important of them all… have a tub… on the side… that is your personal bin. I lose my shit if I have no bin tub especially if I have something the size of a pea to throw away and the bin is 20 meters away.
  • Herbs for all occasions, I like having chives and parsley on my section so I can use them as a third seasoning almost for vegetables and sauces.
  • Butter, like a kilo of it just cubed ready to go… sounds ridiculously unhealthy but it will be used for about 100 different dishes.
  • If you have a split second clean everything you, see clear all surfaces of shit you don’t need, used pans, spoons, tongs.
  • Tongs always have a spare pair hidden somewhere, in fact have a spare of everything hidden somewhere on your section, you never know when another chef is going to come and swipe your oven cloth or your favourite spoon.
  • Full salt and pepper tubs at the ready.

Plan your whole service and setup around your menu. Know what you need every day if you think you will forget it… make a list. I make about 12 lists a day (not an exaggeration) I make lists of the lists I want to make in the future.

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