The Kitchen (at the Swan)

This is where the magic Happens in these two tiny little rooms (which probably look bigger because of the fisheye lense) we cook for up to 80 people per night starters mains and desserts, yet so many people don’t understand why we get stressed or how its so difficult or how we cannot seat them and claim to be fully booked when theres tables empty (they will be filled shortly with people who have booked), or why we wont cook for them 20 minutes after we’ve shut down the kitchen (after already being in it for 12 hours straight) or…i better stop ill go on forever..all of these happen on a regular basis and the only answer is were not machines nice food takes time and skill if you have not got the patience then you aren’t looking for good food plain and simple.  i’m probably not making a promising start to my blog by bitching and moaning about some of the people who pay my wages in my first post but i wanted to start on the note that if your one of those people who go out to a restaurant and believe the moto “the customer is always right”…………….your wrong, please leave my blog………i’m kidding you can stay but you probably wont enjoy your time here

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